Why do sales need a Mobile CRM?

In a scenario where the customer is at the center of all business processes, a sales app cannot be limited to transaction management (order collection, takings management…), but must be a tool, or better a solution, helping enterprises to leverage the information, aspects, key elements and know-how characterizing  a global relationships with customers, before, during and after sales.

Integration of a mobile CRM into a sales app adds value to various sectors and context:

A mobile CRM is furthermore valorized by the following elements, available on smartphone/tablet:

  • information geolocalizzazionaddress geo-decoding and integration with Google Maps to visualize data regarding customers, prospects and competitors on the map, by filtering them following well-defined criteria (e.g.: potentiality, sector, solvency,..) and therefore having a complete overview of the reference market, even when out of office
  • on-the-move collaboration: share collected data with other Sales reps or with the Head Office, real-time feedback and supervision/authorization from the Management.