People, Planet, Prosperity

at the core of sustainable digital evolution 

We want to grow by helping our customers to make their business more efficient and sustainable: our focus on the environment, on social issues, on the well-being of our stakeholders passes above all through our digital innovation solutions and services.

We base our corporate vision on producing solid and sustainable profits in a win-win relationship with our collaborators, combining innovation and sustainable development, focusing on people, culture, territory, quality of work and life. People, the atonpeople, with their talent and experience, are the fundamental pillar of our corporate sustainability as well as a strategic lever to contribute to the success of companies and their evolution. 


The 3 Ps of Sustainability


People are the fundamental pillar of our corporate sustainability. We are committed to following our guiding values and sharing them with our stakeholders: our employees – the atonpeople – customers, suppliers and partners, competitors, and even the local community, including schools, universities, institutions and society as a whole.
Our commitment to our people is to value them and to contribute to the growth of their quality of life, both at work and in private life, also by promoting opportunities for counselling, training, coaching and the development of professional and life skills, both individual and team (objective No. 4 – Quality education). We cooperate with partners and customers who share our commitment towards sustainable growth (goal no. 17 – Partnership by objectives).


Attention to the environment, another of the pillars of sustainability, is increasingly directed towards the design of digital innovation solutions and services that enable companies to reduce their impact on the environment through the optimisation of organisational processes and the consequent reduction of inefficiencies, returns and food waste, the reduction of CO2 emissions and the elimination of paper (objective no. 12 – Responsible consumption and production).
Our commitment to protecting the planet also includes promoting a culture of responsible use of resources, for example through the adoption of good practices for separate waste collection, recycling, and the use of ecological and biodegradable products (objective No. 13 – Combating climate change).


Our contribution to the well-being of the community around us takes the form not only of the creation of digital innovation solutions, which, by leveraging cost-effectiveness (ROI), can increase the positive impact on the social and environmental balance of our clients (objective no. 9 – Business, innovation, infrastructure), but also through the promotion of quality employment opportunities in the area with initiatives aimed at involving schools and the younger generation (objective no. 8 – Decent work and economic growth).

Aton Benefit Corporation

The transformation into a Benefit Corporation, in March 2021, was a natural evolution of what we have experienced since our beginnings; a putting pen to paper. We incorporated into our statute six common benefits inspired by the United Nations 2030 Agenda, linked to social, environmental and economic dimensions. Initiatives that until now have been free manifestations of a way of doing business now take on a stable connotation, integrating to all intents and purposes into the corporate strategy. 

Aton B Corp

Two years after Aton’s transformation into a Benefit Company, it becomes a certified B Corp, thus joining a global movement of 6000 companies in 86 countries and 158 sectors, including 200 in Italy, that meet the high standards of social and environmental performance, responsibility and transparency verified by the non-profit organisation B Lab. With the B Corp certification, Aton confirms its commitment to bringing real benefit and positive impact on people and planet through the digitisation of businesses.