The culture of transparency

Aton’s governance system is a network model of self-organisation, based on trust, autonomy, accountability and horizontal leadership. Transparency and solidity are the values that distinguish us and that we strive to share with our stakeholders every day. 

Aton Benefit Corporation

The transformation into a Benefit Corporation, in March 2021, was a natural evolution of what we have experienced since our beginnings; a putting pen to paper. We incorporated into our statute six common benefits inspired by the United Nations 2030 Agenda, linked to social, environmental and economic dimensions. Initiatives that until now have been free manifestations of a way of doing business now take on a stable connotation, integrating to all intents and purposes into the corporate strategy.

Legality ranking

A key aspect in our sustainability journey is good governance, in the sense of transparency, legality, fairness, risk management, protection of employees, shareholders, suppliers and the environment. One of the building blocks of this path is the Rating of Legality certification (★★+) recognition awarded to Aton by the AGCM Competition and Market Authority, as a company that has demonstrated reliability, proper management and legality in its business.

Aton Bond

The modern company must not only guarantee salaries to employees and dividends to shareholders, but also contribute to the improvement of people and the world in which they live. Aton Bonds are bonds reserved for permanent employees of the Group, which enable Atonpeople to obtain better returns from their savings and other debt securities, issued by the government or other companies.

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