About us

A team in continuous growth: 200 professionals who believe in continuous evolution and put their talent, skills, specialization, enthusiasm and energy at the service of customers, collaborators and partners every day.


We are called atonpeople because we share not only the space and time of our daily work, but also the sense of belonging to a team that is in the field to grow together, through the daily exchange of knowledge and know-how.
We are guided by values, passion, enthusiasm, spontaneity, curiosity and the desire to experiment with the common goal of generating value.
For us, working at Aton means establishing relationships of trust with colleagues, in an atmosphere of complicity and support, putting ourselves on the line every day to face new challenges, knowing that we can always count on people with whom we can share work experiences, values, victories, defeats, moments of growth, training and celebration.

Our Ambassadors

Every story has a storyteller. Our people are called Brand Ambassadors and they tell Aton’s story in all its nuances with a view that embraces innovation, sustainability, business, technology and human relations.

Giorgio De Nardi
Anna Manfè
Marketing Intelligence Manager
Alberto Canova​
Client Manager
Cristiano Negri
Client Manager
Denisa Zara
Corporate Communication Manager
Giovanni Bonamigo
CPG Business Unit Leader
Giovanni Pozzobon​
Chief Transformation Officer
Giulia Smeazzetto​
Business Development Specialist
Nicolò Venchierutti​
RFID Specialist
Tania Zanatta
Chief Finace Officer
Valeria Cicatiello
Valeria Cicatiello
Service Desk
Veronica Olivi​
Client Manager
Alice Vian
Service Desk
Stefano Crosio​
Business Consultant
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Work with us

Are you curious, do you want to grow, to experiment, to put your best self forward every day? Do you like to team up with colleagues, customers and partners to achieve a common goal? Then we look forward to seeing you on board to embark on a new adventure together!