Agents and customers even closer in the Ho.Re.Ca world

Cattel S.p.A, a leading company in Northern Italy in the distribution of food products in the Ho.Re.Ca channel has profoundly transformed the order collection by adopting the Aton .onSales B2B solution.

The application, which takes the name of Eshop Cattel, allows customers to be autonomous in the creation of orders and agents to focus on consulting and provide support in the choice of products.

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Cattel‘s Eshop App is the result of a twenty-year collaboration with Aton S.p.A Società Benefit and benefits from the union between Aton’s experience in the development of apps for the food distribution sector and Cattel’s in-depth knowledge of the needs of the Ho.Re.Ca. market.

On the occasion of the launch of the app, we interviewed Cattel to learn more about the advantages and features of this project.
Here you can find the first part of the video interview in which Denisa Zara, Corporate Communication Manager of Aton, Giandomenico Baita, Sales Director of Cattel, and Sasha Gulic, IT Director, discuss the topic of digitization of sales processes.

The result of this collaboration is much more than an app: an innovative sales and communication channel that, thanks to a simple and intuitive interface, is easily used by all users.

Through the app, the customer can implement independently and at any time their order, which is sent to their contact person for further control and, subsequently, to the company’s central system for processing.
In this way, the agent can devote more time to the customer, presenting him with new products and offers that best suit his needs.

The functions of the app are designed to make navigation as smooth as possible and to facilitate the search and reorder of products. Among the most appreciated aspects there is the possibility to insert the order also offline, in order to help Ho.Re.Ca. operators, who have to update an order from places not covered by Wi-Fi signal, such as cold rooms or galleys.

Eshop Cattel is divided into several sections:

  • All Products” allows you to browse the entire catalog assortment;
  • New Products” lists new products, the “Search” function, which allows you to type even just 3 letters to select specific products or search by category;
  • The usual” lists all seasonal products purchased by a customer in the last 18 months.

As Matteo Urban, chef of Osteria Sutto testifies in the video interview, which you can find at the end of the article, “being able to view all the items the restaurant has recently purchased from Cattel, even going back to the last 18 months, is very useful because you have a history and it’s easier to keep track of products, especially seasonal ones.

The EShop app created together represents both a valid support for the agent who continues his evolution into a consultant and a better service to the customer who can place orders at any time and place, at the agreed conditions. A new tool, a new B2B communication channel that contributes to Cattel’s path of digitalization of sales processes.

A decisive change of course towards digitization

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