Granarolo & Aton: a new omnichannel sale project

Food & Consumer Goods

Granarolo, the country’s largest agro-industrial group with Italian capital, through its subsidiary Zeroquattro S.r.l., has embarked on a path of innovation in its sales channels that involves thousands of users and sees the adoption of smart devices and a single application platform for managing field and portal order collection, merchandising, store accounting and attempted sales activities. Joining Granarolo is Aton, an Italian company specializing in the digital revolution of outsourced sales and distribution processes.

“Granarolo’s DNA is that of a supply chain company, accustomed to thinking collectively, to consider itself part of a system that embraces multiple players: the agricultural world, the industrial world, distribution operators, consumers, the territory. The G.S.E. project reflects this way of being and, by leveraging the constant orientation to quality combined with the capacity for innovation that distinguishes us, projects us toward the implementation of an omnichannel sales strategy.” says Mario Cavallo – Group Accounting & Financial Reporting Director Granarolo Spa

The new Android mobile devices make it possible to manage more information and to enjoy it quickly, facilitating the user’s operations in front of the customer or in front of a store shelf. Governing a critical mass of data coming from disparate realities requires a streamlined and flexible software infrastructure that vehicles a smooth flow of data from the periphery to the headquarters and vice versa.

Watch the video dedicated to MyZero4, the B2B software platform with e-commerce, created for Zeroquattro – Granarolo Group, accessible by browser or via APP.

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