Granarolo & Aton: a new omnichannel sale project

Food & Consumer Goods

An Android platform to improve customer service

Collaboration between Aton and Granarolo, started in the mid-nineties, has consolidated and materialized in a new project: Granarolo Sales Empowering (G.S.E.), which involves thousands of users among Sales reps, pre- sellers and merchandisers, besides business customers (normal trade and

Granarolo, by means of its partner Zeroquattro S.r.l., has in fact undergone an innovation process in its sale channels, which includes adopting smart devices as well as a single application platform to manage order collection activities both on the field and on web portal, merchandising, store accounting and onroad sales.

The new Android mobile devices allow managing a greater amount of information and also making a faster use of it, favouring user’s operativity, either in front of the customer or a shelf, in a given point of sale. On the other hand, managing a critical quantity of data from various realities needs a simple and flexible software infrastucture, able to transmit a homogeneous data flow from users to Head Office and viceversa. Our choice has been trusting Aton with the entire process in an outsourcing logic: from software development and user support to device selection.

Massimiliano Cusumano, Gruppo Granarolo Information Systems Manager