Know better to sell better: Store accounting digitalization

Today’s sales effectiveness is increasingly conditioned by the availability of every possible information to correctly address our product to the “target” customer.

Perfectly knowing one’s own distributive channel, understanding how competitors are moving, being updated with price positioning and respect of current commercial agreements (e.g. promotions, product exhibition modalities, etc…) or being able to intercept and manage potential anomalies are indispensable elements to modern sales.

This is the case of Granarolo, another primary company in the Italian food world, which has decided to structure its own merchandisers’ work with a new mobile CRM, supporting operators in their relationship with Mass Market Retailers and allowing them to timely and autonomously create new forms and models for information collection on the field and to meet any new trade marketing exigency.

Aton’s central system collects actual information, verified on the points of sale and afterwards made accessible with much greater frequency than in the past, as well as official data coming from institutional databases (e.g. Nielsen, IRI), which are then made available to internal Business Intelligence and allow Head Office staff to analyze data and define the most appropriate business strategies.

This type of solutions can bring about benefits such as a 40% increase in points of sale coverage, thanks to greater efficiency of operations via tablet and between 50% and 90% effectiveness increase, since it is now possible to access information that had never been availaable in the past.

The new project, engaging about 50 merchandisers all over Italy, was launched in the past few weeks by means of itinerant training sessions by our trainers’ team, operating both in Italy and abroad.