Aton Sell-out: When the “Human Factor” Meets Technology

How to flank brands to help them optimize sales in the wholesale channel? It is from this necessity that Aton’s SellOut service is born. Some worldwide leading brands in the Fashion, Eyewear and Footwear industries have adopted this service, with a view to obtaining real-time strategic information from their main international wholesale customers, to be able to follow market trends and consumers’ shopping behaviour and then implement commercial policies and strategies that should increase their sales.

This service contemplates both collection and distribution of certified data such as sell-out & sell-through, stock and other like warehouse handling data, and also information sending, e.g. order proposals and shipping notes, without affecting the wholesale customer’s systems and operativeness.

Aton is the IT partner that manages the whole activity in outsourcing mode, becoming unique contact point and assuming responsibility for collecting, certifying and translating data provided by wholesale customers (in the most various formats: spreadsheet, txt, csv, web app, etc.) into information in compliance with the Brand data structure and semantics.

Aton Sell Out Process

How does it work? Thanks to the perfect synergy between the technological element, the software platform developed by Aton (managing every data cleaning, normalization and consolidation activity) and the “human factor”, that is, the multilingual contact center made up by professionals featuring language proficiency and deep expertise of the Brand operating logics. This contact center activates import/export flows for every contact point/point of sale, performs data formal and quality checks and fixes potential issues.

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