Customers, prospects and competitors within map’s reach

The analysis of competitors, the possibility of profiling customers and registering prospects by geolocalizing them on the map are aspects markets increasingly demand. For some of our customers, providing their Sales reps with a mobile CRM mobile has proved to be a winning strategy.

Which are the benefits?

  • reduction of information collection times thanks to the introduction of tablets, devices characterized by their user friendliness and application interface usability;
  • data quality increase (in terms of value and expressiveness) thanks to the direct association of information collected on the field to GPS coordinates registered at the customers’/prospects’;
  • market strategic vision for the Management, thanks to the possibility of quickly visualizing on dashboard the geographical areas where competitors are mainly present and therefore undertaking potential interventions.

How does the CRM APP work?

The application, installed in in-cloud server, is available to Sales reps via tablet and allows customer and prospect profiling in the system by registering data such as product type, consumption, level of interest and competition.
Within the application, Google maps can be found featuring all their functionalities, from marker positioning to address geo-decoding in geographical coordinates by calculating itineraries.
All data and documents created by users are sent to Head Office, where they are available via browser and shared to all other Sales reps.
From Head Office, it is possible to visualize geolocalized customers and prospects, by filtering them according to pre-established criteria, in order to perform analysis on competitors, consumption, level of interest, etc.