3 tips for choosing the right company


There are all kinds of companies in the world, of all sizes, multiple forms of organisation, different sectors and with specific technical and soft skills but, above all, with a unique mix of talents.

Have you ever wondered what makes a person choose ‘that company’ and make it ‘his /her company’, a place in which he/she will be involved for much of the day?

Diller said that the way we spend our days is, of course, the way we spend our lives. It is more relevant than ever when we think about how important the choice of company as employer is today because of how our view of work has changed in the last two years.

Personally, when I choose a company, I look for and consider a few key elements:

  • who will I be working for
  • who will I work with
  • what will I work on 
These elements refer to the culture, the team and the professional and corporate mission.
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Whom to work for

For me, the best companies today are those organisations that manage to attract and retain people. They are the organisations that new generations want to work for and they all usually have something special: a culture, an environment or ingredients that set them apart from others. They have high employee engagement and ‘word of mouth’ is one of their superpowers.

According to the 2022 Deloitte Gen Z and Millennial Survey, the new generations are looking for concrete values within a company, values that they feel are their own. Environments with less rigid hierarchies, where they can speak openly and participate in shaping the corporate culture and this is exactly what I have found at Aton.

In addition to the work-life balance, continuous learning and flexibility (e.g. there is no ‘clocking out’ here!), I immediately found a concrete sense of my work knowing that I was working for a company that has a positive impact on society and that has incorporated in its statutes objectives on three dimensions: social, environmental and economic (People, Planet, Prosperity), going beyond mere profit.

Who to work with

When I arrived at Aton, I had no idea I would find such an innovative reality, around 200 people from 14 different countries and an average age of the latest newcomers of 25 years.

Behind these numbers, the ‘data’ that stood out the most for me was that which emerged from its people, the #atonpeople, not a slogan but a true way of being. A united team that shares with concrete actions every day values such as passion for innovation, reliability and mutual support in the various experiences and challenges with attention to the individual and the surrounding community.

A determining factor in my choice was especially when I was introduced to the horizontal organisational model (self-organisation to cope with the complex and liquid environment), based on trust, autonomy, responsibility and widespread leadership. Active listening and constant coaching with a view to continuous improvement are recognised here as key elements combined with a strong push towards a feedback culture.

What to work on

What I am passionate about in my work is being able to support people to express their value to the best of their ability. In my role as HR, I have the opportunity to engage so much with people, understand their needs and capabilities and accompany them in the development of their skills, enriching their professional and human background.

When I was told about the evolutionary project envisaged for each Atonpeople, I was really fascinated to learn that for each Atonpeople with HR and their Team Leader, a growth path is designed and structured on the basis of professional and personal aptitudes and skills.

There is also no shortage of projects in which to experiment with technical training and certifications, team building, leadership, communication, negotiation, and language conversation. In addition, I have the opportunity to deal with topics close to my heart such as Employer branding and its innovative tools to showcase the identity of Aton and its atonpeople.

Perhaps this sounds too good to be true, if so, I’ll be waiting for you for coffee in Aton 😉

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