Digital payments in B2B food service sales solutions

Digital payments are becoming a reality in various sectors, above all if we talk about B2B and in particular food & beverage distribution companies for food service and the HO.RE.CA channel.

This is the case of Gruppo Pregis, enterprise specialized in the food service market and particularly in food, beverage and non-food distribution to hotels, restaurants, pizzerias, bars and communities. Gruppo Pregis has adopted Aton’s cashless sales management solution for their salesmen. The application, installed in tablets and connected to a Bluetooth device for card reading, directly dialogues with the banking systems. Its main benefits have to do with security in cashing management and administrative activity simplification, which allow connecting the single operation with the bank statement.

Payment management in cashless mode can be included among the elements characterizing sales solutions in this sector:

  1. Flexibility: this sales modality in fact implies management of:
    • complete assortments of different types of goods (fresh, frozen, non-edibles, beverages…) therefore needing to manage, inside the application, various measurement and weight units and to integrate multi-medial elements such as images and videos to be able to quickly and thoroughly present the product
    • sales and promotion logics, customized for customer/salesman/reference area
    • cashing and open entries, which can be managed in a safe, fast and reliable way, thanks to the integration of cashless payment solutions
  2. Performance: it is often the chef who deals with product reordering: the application, in the Sales rep’s hands, must therefore be characterized by speed and immediate reactivity in front of the customer
  3. One-to-one relationship with the customer: the application must feature CRM functionalities to be able to offer the client a customized service and to manage quick reordering, even autonomously and 24/7, by means of a B2B e-commerce solutiarise

These characterizing aspects arise from Aton’s daily exchange with the main reference players, from Gruppo DAC to Zero4 (Gruppo Granarolo), or from Gruppo Pregis to Cattel Catering.