Aton for Pet Food in Italy

Pet food is a growing market and this is confirmed by the XII RAPPORTO di ASSALCO – ZOOMARK 2019 edition for pet food and care. In 2018, the food market for dogs and cats in Italy generated a 2,082 million euro turnover, for a total of 565,136 tons sold.

Products are distributed mainly through 3 platforms:

  • Grocery, that is, hypermarkets, supermarkets, small points of sale, Discount stores…
  • Traditional petshops, about 5,000 points of sale in the whole of Italy
  • Petshop chains, organized structures with at least 7 direct points of sale like, for example, L’isola dei Tesori (DMO), Maxi Zoo, Arcaplanet or Fauna Food

In a market scenario in which Petshop chains grow in a lively way, some Mass Market Retailers (e.g. Conad, Coop, Finiper…) have created new distribution formats (MMR petstores), while traditional petshops continue to defend their business thanks to innovation, service and focusing on core business. In this context, the Sales rep’s action is increasingly important, since he must promote and position products for pet food and care in the various distribution platforms.

What we created about 10 years ago for Camon, Italian company specialized in offering products and solutions for pet well-being, becomes now, more than ever, topical, with a view to gamification or the art of engagement.

The order collection application, called Twin Tablet, allowed Sales agents and customers to contemporarily leaf through product catalogues, visualizing them on their own devices (tablet, smartphone): the two tools communicated and maintained catalogue visualization synchronized.

The distinctive element of the solution was the possibility of allowing one of the devices to pilot navigation and design a real customized itinerary to make sales activity more interactive and dynamic.

In this way, Sales reps could have a more complete vision of the customer’s preferences and propose – in real time – complementary products or new articles, similar to those already selected, which the company would be interested to foster.

Also nowadays, the creation of a detailedly planned customized itinerary is one of the distinctive elements for an effective sales application in specialty stores.

Multimedia information, like images, videos, 360° product views, supported by traditional forms, produce increasing attractiveness for retailers in terms of store positioning and sales volume growth, as well as greater product benefit perception by consumers.

And what can MMR (Mass Market Retailers) and petshop chains do to optimize processes at their points of sale?

Even though dynamics and performances are different, all of them can benefit from utilizing a solution which allows store users to have all the information at their hand’s reach. No more coming and going from the racks to the backoffice, every operation can be managed from a mobile device, in front of the shelves: orders to suppliers or distribution centres, reception of goods in direct delivery, product movimentation, price checks (exposed or to be exposed) and accurate label printing.

We advise you to watch this video, telling us about the experience of Aspiag Service collaborators (Despar, Interspar, Eurospar brands) when using our new app for retail management: video Aton Despar, as well as reading this article, analyzing the Viridea case, garden center chain entirely devoted to home, garden and animals.