Aton in ELITE: The Course Flows on

It is time for analysis: after nearly two years in ELITE, the Italian Stock Exchange international programme dedicated to companies with high growth potential (as illustrated in this article), we reflect on the value of this course, together with Giorgio De Nardi, Aton Chairman.

Today the international ELITE community has reached 1,177 companies in 40 countries all over the world, 734 of them in Italy.

Among these, from 2018 there is also Aton, as “it is bringing home growing levels of strategic, organizational, financial, management control and governance improvements, besides many connections with top market potential partners. All of them fundamental elements to lift our heads and think about our future in a different way.”

The companies belonging to ELITE are entrepreneurial excellences from various sectors, different in dimension and localization.

“As well known”, states Giorgio De Nardi, “Italy is a country where most enterprises are SME, there are few global champions and infinite small, often excellent, entities which are hardly ever capable of  manifesting their whole potential value, in particular in the computing industry.”

Which is the reason for this trend and how can ELITE support companies in their growth itinerary?

Read Giorgio De Nardi’s considerations in this article, “Your Money Or Your Life!”