Asset Management & RFID

“Like Looking for a Needle in a Haystack”


The asset managing, monitoring and traceability operations inside an organization represent a high-cost element in terms of resources (time & staff).
When we talk about assets we may imply fixed assets, like every item inside a building (from desks to chairs or pictures), but also movable objects that change position inside various sites (from containers to the very subjects inside the building).

These operations are exclusive competence of the IT Department, which must find the most suitable computing system to manage them, but also fall back on the whole organization and imply a proper planning involving different Departments. Technology, for example RFID, can make an important contribution by simplifying such a complex operation.

immagine banca

As an example, let us use the asset management of an organization such as Banca d’Italia, which has the exigency of keeping under control the material both in their main site and in their different branches: the operator identifies the item (by means of barcode or RFID tag), the list of expected items is loaded onto the system, the operator reads the tags on the assets, the system checks the assets detected and the data are saved in the back-end system.


The performance of an RFID Solution for Asset Management

Thanks to an asset management solution, inventory operations can be much more frequent since times can be shortened up to a 20% and errors decreased by a 90%.

In a big international organization such as the United Nations, the asset management applications are multiple: besides the fixed asset inventory, there is the need to monitor and trace down containers and people.In the case of a container, for example, it is necessary to trace real-time ingoing and outgoing movements in a given area. Each container is matched to one or more tags which are read by means of PDA applications or by passing under a gate. The advantage of RFID technology in this context is the possibility of speeding up operations and guaranteeing maximum security.


RFID Technology for Inflow/Outflow Control

Another need is being able to trace people’s inflow/outflow to and from protected halls: in this case, the tag on the subject’s badge is read when passing through a gate

A solution like Aton’s onID allows a flexible answer to organizational exigencies, simplifying a series of apparently complex and costly operations.