A Sales Tool That Works Where Needed: in Front of the Customer

We have had enough of general, all-around CRM’s which cannot be used on the field: our customers increasingly call us after having made other choices, maybe for high-end international tools (with which we often integrate) because sales forces are unsatisfied with what they can do when on the field, in front of the customer or during a business trip.

No-one thinks about the Sales rep, dressing his part and following him since the early morning till the moment when he will meet his customer. Once the visit is over, he must forward the information collected to HQ: an application which does not take into account users’ real needs and the environment they operate in is destined to fall through.

Here to you 3 simple questions that will help you reflect:

1) How many “hands” does your Sales rep need to consult his daily agenda? And to access the key data necessary to understand the performance of the customer he is about to visit?

Preparing a visit means knowing exactly what has happened with that customer, even when there was another Sales rep to follow him. Having that company’s value at hand (as if it were an “economic account”), non only as the customer’s history or ROI so far but, above all, as a potential, helps when deciding which actions should be taken and how much time should be invested.

2) How long does it take one of your Sales reps to register the activities performed and the information collected at the customer’s?

We often notice that, even if Sales reps are equipped with technological tools featuring an application, they postpone placing orders or entering data till the end of the day, because otherwise they would be wasting too much time. Nowadays, thanks to machine-learning technology, Sales reps can interact orally with the sales application while driving or waiting for his next appointment. The Sales rep leaves his customer, makes a real-time registration of the visit thanks to the function speech-to-text (converting voice to text), attaches photographs collected and shares the activities performed with his colleagues and the Company in an automatic and structured way. From that moment on, information will be available to all, becoming the Company’s property.

3) Which is the your product right price for each customer? Does the Sales rep need to rely on his memory or does he behave in a structured way, supported by a price and promo engine which helps to maximise sales?

There exist various promotion typologies, as well as for price calculation and management. An automatic system, which, based on predefined rules, suggests Sales reps the right amount or discount for a given customer, speeding up sales operations, falls in line with marketing strategies and guarantees the Company’s predefined margin.

An application continually supporting Sales reps in the sales process, providing information which is always available and usable (even when connectivity is missing) from smartphone or tablet, and which allows transforming data collected into knowledge becomes “the means” to develop commercial relationships and increase turnover and profitability.