Garanzia Giovani: 20 interns hired in Aton in 3 years

The importance of internship to facilitate access to the world of work came to light in the interview, broadcast on Saturday 13th January on Rai 2, on the Garanzia Giovani Programme, launched by the European Union in 2013, showing the Veneto region positive experience and, in particular, that of the province of Treviso.

Aton is the proof, having hired 20 young interns, fully integrated in their teams, mainly for software development and multilingual assistance, during the past 3 years.

Among the various instruments in the programme, internship is the most common and efficient one with a view to a win-win collaboration: it allows young people to gradually approach the world of work, to learn its dynamics, to understand which their aptitudes and talents are, while at the same time allowing companies to efficiently manage integration into the world of work, combining training and organizational exigencies.