Why Invest in User Experience?

“Use experience (better known as User Experience or UX) refers to a person’s emotions about using a product, a system or a service. Use experience […] also includes personal perceptions of aspects such as utility, ease of use and system efficiency.” Wikipedia

An excellent product or certain interesting contents are not by themselves enough to enable an organization to achieve business objectives: it is necessary to rely on a simple, intuitive and engaging user’s experience!

And so nowadays User Experience (UX) and Customer Experience (CX) have become a way to conceive software and services and loyalize customers. Among the apps having started this organizational and strategic enterprise transformation and having forever changed users’ expectations stand out Amazon, Spotify, Uber or Netflix.

The same trend is also found in a B2B context.

Users’ needs, customs, emotions and commitments are greatly taken into consideration throughout the whole planning process in order to maximize the application usability.

From the first analysis phase of the project and exigencies, a single team has been created: customer, end-user, Account Manager, Project Manager, Analyst, UX Designer and Developer. User’s profiles (people), scenarios and customer journeys are defined together to create an applicative experience map, preparatory to the planning and realization of a software or application which should allow users to perform their tasks in the simplest and most satisfying way.

Aton develops applications and offers services to increase people’s productivity: sales persons, merchandisers, supermarket assistants…
Thanks to intense user’s participation, products satisfy main expectations, development proceeds smoothly and quickly and customers’ business objectives are achieved.

In our next news we will examine the issue in depth; if interested in an anticipation, contact us.