Voice picking: as simple as drinking a glass of… Coca Cola

As we have seen at the Logimat 2019 and learnt from the latest research performed by RBC Capital Markets and IDTechEX, vocal technologies will increasingly spread in the years to come, both in private and working life. In this article we will focus on the latter, to show how vocal interaction simplifies, optimises and makes picking logistic operations safer.

Time lost trying to interact with the hard-copy list of the items to be picked or with the screen/keyboard of a vehicle device or a barcode reader handle, accidents due to the fact that operators move about looking downwards, focusing on the picking list, shipping errors that cost money and good reputations are the main criticalities shown by companies in the grocery world, but not only.

Different from any other picking methodology, a vocal solution allows users to work “hands-free and eyes-free” whether they are inside a warehouse, in a cool store or a point of sale, reducing operative costs and making shipments accurate in a 99,9% of the cases (without controls or verifications). Greater profitability therefore for production, distribution and retail sales companies which have decided or will decide to adopt a voice picking solution.

To prove it, there is Bepensa, Coca Cola main manufacturer and distributor in the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. Bepensa has ascertained – already from the first weeks after adopting the Lydia Voice vocal suite – a 33% productivity increase in its Merida distribution centre.

Why Lydia Voice and not any other vocal system? What is special about it?

This is how we see it:

  • Lydia is an intelligent system which self-trains to recognise the user’s voice and its linguistic inflections.
    This means that operators become productive and assertive in a few minutes instead of hours or days, as requested by other methodologies. Zero training times then both for permanent employees and also for those temporarily hired.
  • Besides the ordinary headphones, Lydia has created the most durable, hygienic and comfortable “vest”​ (which you can also see in this video illustrating every device of the Lydia vocal suite)
  • Lydia offers dedicated hardware and apps for mobile device certificate for the best vendors (e.g. Zebra)
  • Lydia is multiplatform (Android, IOS, Microsoft)​

If you are curious to see the system in action, we invite you to watch the video cases published by Lydia Voice.