Motorola APP Forum 2013: Android at the center of future strategies

Lots of ideas from the three-day Berlin Event, where Aton met the major European players who develop software for mobility.
Much has been said of cross-Platform with live coding sessions and presentations platform based on HTML5, the most popular technology used (Adobe PhoneGap, SAP Mobility Platform, IBM Worklight are some examples) to overcome the fragmentation of the operating systems on the market today:

Market Share – Mobile operating system

  1. Android ( 80% market share)
  2. Apple iOS
  3. Windows Phone
  4. other o.s.


In the case of industrial applications traditionally still tied to Windows Mobile and WindowsCE:

Motorola tendencies

Today the most suitable choice looking to the future is Android: Motorola announces that many of the enterprise devices’ releases coming next year will be based on Google’s operating system, appropriately customized by Motorola to ensure functionality, safety and reliability demanded by business environments.