M2M: smart technologies for the cities of the future

The world of utilities and smart grid were the protagonists of the traveling show “Network Services Tour 2013 ‘which was held in Padua on 11 and 12 September at the AcegasAps, a subsidiary of Hera. The main theme of the event was the technological innovation applied to network services and its role in the development of the cities of the future, smart cities. Applications of smart technologies will improve everyday life, mobility, transport, environment, energy, water management, allowing citizens and service users to take advantage of more advanced and efficient services.


Aton works with partners such as SAP for the mobile work force, and  Telco such as Telecom Italy and Deutsche Telekom in national and international markets.
Aton M2M solutions include telemetry, tele-diagnosis and tele-control, geo-location. An example is the remote meter reading that, thanks to the real time monitoring of the new smart meters installed on site and immediate anomalies reporting, allows companies to deliver (and citizens to enjoy) a more efficient service, with a significant reduction of costs in terms of time and dedicated resources.

This is the case of Alto Trevigiano Servizi, which has adopted Aton M2M solution for district meter reading. The meters are located in places which made the intervention of the operators to monitor the consumption and check for any damagevery very expensive. The count data, alarm or level, detected by special devices designed for remote management and remote control of the meters, are sent to the remote control center using SMS via GSM or GPRS. In this way, they can monitor the volume of water in transit, report any anomalies sending of alerts and have a repository of photos, images, documents, orders of service.