Enterprise Mobility Management: the performance of mobile devices is nothing without control

Giuseppe Brando
Application Support Specialist

Knowing the lifecycle of mobile and IOT devices, diagnosing, identifying, preventing and solving problems in good time are key aspects to ensure the effective and uninterrupted running of business processes.

It is in this context that Mobile Device Management (MDM) platforms, now also called Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), come into play. They allow full and total remote control of all devices entrusted to a sales network or more generally to operators in the field.

The purpose of an EMM is to optimise efficiency and security in the use of mobile devices connected to a network, minimising time, costs and reducing service interruptions.

The benefit is two-fold:

  1. For IT, which, by connecting to a platform, can monitor in real time and configure all devices in the field, speed up roll-out operations (configuration of devices at the start of a project) and organise preventive maintenance to keep devices at their best performance. Just imagine the time and effort spent on installing and configuring an application on a device and multiply it by the number of devices that need to be configured. Thanks to an EMM, all operations can be carried out simultaneously.
  2. For agents and field operators who can concentrate solely on their work without having to intervene on the device to resolve any technical issues or even simply manage updates

In the EMM field, SOTI qualifies for a leading position in terms of innovation and coverage of a very wide range of devices.

This is why it has become one of the ingredients of the support service that Aton offers its customers on a turnkey basis, unburdening companies’ IT and guaranteeing them results in terms of: monitoring the health of the fleet, IT support for users even with remote access to their device, preventive maintenance of devices based on careful analysis of the statistical data of all diagnostics detected (e.g. battery use).

Our technicians are SOTI Expert certified and thanks to our achievements in recent years we have become a Platinum Partner.

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