Cash System Issues: No Service Desk? Ouch!…

“Hello, I’ve got a long queue of customers in front of me and the cash till won’t print the receipt… What must I do?”

“Hello! This is Silvia from the Venice store, I don’t seem to be able to apply the discount to the skirt in promotion this weekend… Can you help me?

“Hello, this is Concetta, the POS terminal keeps not allowing the transaction, the authorisation is denied.. I don’t understand why…”.

Routine operations like printing a receipt, applying a particular discount or cashing in via POS terminal may unexpectedly become blocking ones which, if not promptly managed, will negatively influence the consumer’s shopping experience or even the purchase itself. Let us think about Christmas Eve or the hectic Black Friday, when everybody runs about to purchase every kind of goods: transaction success and customers’ positive impressions are more than ever at stake.

Remaining stuck is out of the question. Every minute can be costly: the customer will leave the store without having acquired anything or maybe will conclude the purchase, but will never come back… which may be even worse. Therefore any issue that should come up must be solved as soon as possible.

What to do? We are not certainly talking about one or two stores…

Your IT/operations team would soon find themselves overwhelmed by millions of requests, glued to the phone for the whole day. And what about if it should happen during the weekend? A completely new chapter would open up.

That is why a structured team, able to speak the shop assistant’s language, available during the whole of the store opening hours, 7 days a week but, above all, knowing the various cash systems, like Cegid, Oracle, Microsoft, and the IT infrastructure of that particular store can really make the difference.
Any worry or concern related to assistance activities is entrusted to what can be defined as an extension of the company’s HQ’s, therefore allowing you to:

  • provide customers with a purchase experience which turns out to be positive, unique and (un)repeatable
  • rely on store staff who will be ready to invest all their energy on sales (and not becoming desperate because the cash till is not printing the receipt and the store is about to close)
  • free IT/operations internal resources from repetitive and burdensome assistance

In a continuously evolving scenario, where physical retail integrates digital and consumer’s expectations become more and more omnichannel, the need to have increasingly flowing processes and an excellent customer service level is an aspect brands must absolutely take into consideration.
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