More sustainable business for Safilo and its wholesalers


Currently, over 5,000 points of sale, mainly in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and Latin America profit from SMILE, a business model created by Safilo and designed to automatically manage restocking, increase service level towards final customers and reduce production chain complexity by creating, together with wholesalers, a joint business plan which should satisfy both parts.
From the moment the first retail chains started it, the project has grown and also new channels, like e-commerce, department stores and suppliers have asked to be part of it.

Considering customers’ universality and heterogeneity, it was not enough to have a system able to acquire sales (sell-out) and stock data to automatically manage restocking, but it became fundamental to support every single point of sale by means of a professional team, featuring linguistic competence and in-depth knowledge of the brand operative logic: this is the reason for the choice to further strengthen integration between Safilo and its wholesalers.

So today the whole system of sales&stock data, shipment, order confirmation and reception standardization is entrusted to the AMP software platform (Aton Modelling Platform) and to Aton Service Desk:

  • the AMP platform manages data cleaning activities (duplicate elimination, non-expected data block…), normalization (complete information rebuilding from partial data) and datum consolidation.
  • Aton Service Desk intervenes throughout the whole process: from activation of new points of sale to daily guarantee service for collected data compliance with Safilo operative modes and observance of timing related to automatic restocking procedures.

All this implies an improvement in relationships with customers, wholesalers’ sell-out and Safilo’s sell-in increase, stock reduction thanks to focused restocking actions and workload reduction both for Safilo and its wholesalers.

In the retail chains that have decided to adhere to SMILE, Safilo has ascertained sales have on average increased by a 10% and stock decreased by a 15%.

Safilo’s intention is to extend such model to North America and the Far East for more sustainable business.

To be continued!