Aton’s Sell Out Data Collection Service also fits Kering Eyewear


For brands operating in the eyewear world, protagonists these days at the MIDO, the greatest internatinal event for the eyewear industry (Milan, 24th-26th February), wholesalers’ sales and stock evolution monitoring is a strategic aspect to increase sales performance. Being able to know sell-out and sell-through data in fact means realising intelligent restocking, reducing out-of-stock, planning proactive actions, as for example transfers between stores: all this results in a more efficient relationship with wholesalers and more effective restocking procedures.

Which are the discriminating elements that brands in the eyewear industry obtain when they outsourcingly entrust this service to a specialised partner?

  • Data quality: Thanks to a multilingual team that activates points of contact, performs formal and quality data checks, manages potential issues and intervenes when data transmission from wholesalers is missing.
  • Single Point of Contact: An only reference interlocutor (SPOC), assuming responsibility for collection, certification and translation of data arriving from wholesalers into information complying with data structure and their semantics.
  • Fast activation: A service interfacing with main European cashdesk softwares and managing heterogeneous data in various formats (Excel worksheets, csv…), data sending frequency (daily, weekly, monthly) and transmission type (ftp, e-mail, telephone…) without impacting wholesalers’ systems and operativity.

These are the key elements emerging from our collaboration with Eyewear Retail customers: besides Safilo and DeRigo, also Kering Eyewear adopted, over a year ago, Aton’s sellout data collection service (Vendor Management Inventory) for their replenishment system optimization.