Acca Kappa, the “Beauty Factory”: when Tradition and Innovation come together

Food & Consumer Goods

An enterprise in the very heart of Treviso, historic brand of excellence in the creation of perfumes, professional brushes and products for body care and wellness for 150 years: that is Akka Kappa, a family business, later developed into industrial entity, which this year has presented its history in the short film “The Beauty Factory” at the 74th Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica in Venice. But being faithful to the Made-in-Italy trademark and to timeless values like love for nature and respect for man’s and woman’s body does not mean closing off innovation.

And this is the reason why Acca Kappa has involved Aton in the sales digitalization process which has lead to adopting Aton’s Android tablet sales platform, providing Sales reps operating in the Italian and German markets not only with solutions for order collection, but also with statistics and multimedia documentation to support their sales. 

It also guarantees salespeople the possibility of managing discount conditions and customized promotions per customer with a win-win view to ethical sales.

The strong point of this collaboration is the will to create a common route: from target analysis, thanks to co-work in the sales phase, to application customizing in view of the customer’s needs, to multilingual support to users on-the-field while they daily use sales tools, to finally open up to the potentialities that new technologies offer, for example in the world of B2B e-commerce.