A Single In-Store Data Collection Solution Uniting 3 Countries: Italy, France and Spain

Food & Consumer Goods

A real-time photography of the Mass Market Retailers’ world to measure Trade Marketing activities efficacy in points of sale in Italy, France and Spain: with this target in mind, Aton, company providing software and service solutions for multichannel sales, has met the needs of Rana Pasta Producers, worldwide leaders in fresh food product manufacturing and commercialization.

Aton’s in-store data collection solution allows sales force to gather quantity and quality information on hundreds of product variables on their tablets and address it in a structured way to the company’s Business Intelligence; the information varying from promotion management modes to product prices or display-rack positioning.

The solution is born as a complete tool constituted by a mobile app, which can also work offline on tablet and a console, accessible via web, which guarantees sales force and trade marketing complete access to the whole data collection realized in stores and distribution centres, geolocalized and visible on the map.

“Our onSales application key element is the possibility we provide customers with to easily and autonomously create data collection forms, gaining access to the central system via browser”, states Giovanni Bonamigo, Aton’s Marketing & Innovation Director. “The forms are immediately available on the app the sales force on the field is provided with, to be used for interviews, price collection or photographs”.

The flexibility and ease of use of such a tool have allowed to greatly increase the amount of structured collection forms and reports available to Rana Pasta Producers’ internal BI.

The main benefits found are: trend monitoring of stock breakages, assortment level control, promotion management modes and ad-hoc and one-shot data collection realization, related to specific company exigencies.

The solution, initially adopted by Italian sales force, has successively been shared in France and Spain, therefore guaranteeing sales channels control in the international market and providing uniformity to the information gathered by the single countries, while bearing in mind each single market specific exigencies.