How to Widen Market Shares by Optimizing Sales

Food & Consumer Goods

Managing their customers often takes up the whole of sales people’s time. Just caring about relationships with already acquired customers (also defined as nurturing) is not enough to achieve growth objectives, market penetration increase (in certain sectors already at 100%) does not suffice, it is necessary to obtain new customers, conquer new market shares.

A question many sales managers ask themselves is: coverage of current customers could be guaranteed by the same sales people, organized in a more efficient way? Is it possible to make space to acquire new customers (hunting)?

Procaffè, historical coffee roasting company born among the Belluno Dolomites and best-known by its brands BristotTesta RossaBreda and Deorsola, has decided to undergo – together with Aton – a growth course aimed at optimizing their sales force.

Thanks to specific software platforms and consultation with whom has got experience in this field, like PTV Group, the current Sales reps’ visit rounds organization has been analized and an optimized visit round proposal has been made, allowing sales people more free time to be devoted to prospecting activities and relationship with customers.

The benefits companies will obtain will not only be associated to better time management, but – thanks to the analysis of data collected on the field -, it will be possible to create greater internal awareness on which the relationships, customer classifications and service levels to be offered are.
Besides, tools like what-if analysis can be used to elaborate different scenarios and various possible results, useful to re-balance sales organization in the territory.

The next step will be to improve multichannel sales performance by means of CRM mobile, pre-sales, onroad sales and B2B commerce applications.
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