Aton Service Desk: from the Middle East to South Africa, Not Just on the Phone

Service Desks are often understood as call centres, represented by a smiling girl on the phone.

Aton Service Desk does not only answer, obviously with a smile, in six different languages, creating empathy with customers – whose IT hardware and software tools knows well -, but frequently moves around with the “tool box”.

Its role is indeed to telephonically come up beside Store operators from outstanding Retail chains like OVS, Moncler, L’Oréal, Geox or Benetton, to help them – with utmost productivity and efficiency – manage every activity in the point of sale, from check-out use to inventories. But Aton is also increasingly becoming leading character in on-site interventions, side by side with operators during the delicate phases of new store openings or translocations.

These days, for example, Sara is in Tehran during the opening of a new point of sale: her task is to train shop assistants on the use of IT hardware and software infrastructure, from check-outs or printers to mobile devices to be used in warehouse management, as well as coordinate all technicians in charge of installing such infrastructure.

For the past months we have travelled through Europe: Grazia in Vienna and Berlin, Antonella in Zagabria and Belgrade, Anna Chiara in Megève, Stefania in Barcelona and Spalato, Sara in Tbilisi. In the coming months, we will be flying to Abu Dhabi and Johannesburg.

In order to increase our IT Service quality, Aton has undertaken a cross training route in ITIL environment. Our people have obtained the ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management, which represents a further strong point when facing markets.