Aton becomes a Benefit Company and focuses primarily on business process sustainability

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Aton S.p.A., Italian company for Digital Transformation software and service solutions, has decided to adopt Benefit Company status and incorporate to its statute objectives related not only to economic, but also to social impact and environmental dimensions.

Aton has always based its business vision on the production of solid and sustainable profit, in a win-win relationship with stakeholders by focusing on mankind, culture, territory and work and life quality, as stated in its company mission.

“We are conscious and proud of our responsibility in the context we operate in and of the extra-economic consequences related to our actions,” states Giorgio De Nardi, Aton Founder&CEO -. “This is why we are committed to maintaining a long-term economic growth direction based on the respect of our planet and people’s central position.”

“The decision of adopting Benefit Corporation Status for our company aims at a three-dimension company balance which will lead us to measure not only economic results, but also non-financial variables which have an impact at social and environmental levels, – affirms Tania Zanatta, Aton CFO -. “It is a challenge for us, but also a source of pride to prove our commitment towards people, environment and community, in an increasingly transparent perspective”.

The objectives of sustainable growth incorporated to our Statute are inspired by the United Nations 2030 Agenda goals: Aton’s commitment will be firstly concentrated on people’s enhancement by promoting training and coaching opportunities as well as professional and personal competence development.

Protecting our planet will be another key aspect, materialized in planning digital innovation solutions and services which should help customers to diminish impact on our environment by eliminating goods waste and the use of paper and reducing noxious emissions.