A single in-store retail management solution for Gruppo Coin

“The speeding-up, standardization and reliability of new processes, the possibility of checking operations performed in stores and of adapting solutions to our future needs are the main advantages we have obtained from our fruitful collaboration with Aton”

Luigi Bottaro, IT Store Systems Director for Gruppo Coin

The retail management solution adopted by Gruppo Coin has allowed outstanding reduction of the time needed to manage goods handling operations, optimizing goods stock in stores and also making it possible for clients to experience customized shopping.

This is the case of Excelsior Milano, the luxury department store opened in 2011, where customers become exclusive guests cared for by a dedicated shop-assistant, who is in direct communication with the store warehouse and can provide real-time information on garment, model, colour or size availability, thus making sales and customer assistance more immediate and efficient.

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