Is Marketing Turning into Sales?

From time out of mind, B2B sales process contemplated marketing and sales as two serial processes: first, customers were contacted by physical or digital communication, then the sales person arrived to close the loop and transform a good Lead into a Customer.

Marketing nowadays goes well beyond brand construction and request generation and can influence the whole acquisition process, not just the initial funnel stages.

Alignment between Marketing and Sales can produce efficient contents which can drastically influence sales processes.

According to recent studies, 78% of B2B customers devote increasing time to the fruition of contents (typically digital and web ones) relevant to their purchases before interacting with a salesperson.

Also in Aton, the Marketing team works in continuous synergy with Sales during the whole process, from opportunity generation to negotiation closure. Inbound Marketing, understood as value content sharing, is supported by the traditional Outbound Marketing techniques, like those adopted by the new Lead Generation team, acting as “start-up engine” in a commercial deal starting cycle.