Guess Who’s Coming to Lunch – Google visits Aton

Last week we have often heard AtonPeople talking about Google: in fact, Andy Zmolek, who promotes Google Android Enterprise program in the operator ecosystem (hardware manufacturers, application & service enterprises), has come to visit us.

What did he tell us during the day we spent together, first at our premises and then at those of some Customers’ operating in the Retail field?

In a scenario characterized by the increasingly frequent commingling between private and professional, he firstly classified the main cases that operators like Aton every day face:

  • BYOD devices: devices (typically consumer like Samsung, Sony, etc.) used for professional & personal purposes
  • COSU devices: devices managed by enterprises and totally devoted to professional activities

Which is Google’s answer? From their collaboration with hardware vendors  (for example, Zebra), ISV and other operators (like SOTI) is born Android for Work, that is, a set of tools that allow users to divide devices into perfectly-isolated areas, guaranteeing a series of data security elements, depending on the user’s profile, either personal or professional.

Therefore new prospects are opening in the Smart Working context: we will be able to work anywhere via our smartphone or tablet, while keeping our professional profile separate from our private one, at least inside our device…