Concise and Timely Information: an Added Value for Sales

Has it ever occurred to you that after having acquired a very complex data visualization system you realise you really have no time to consult all the information available?

We are all used to reacting in view of a stimulation: an e-mail, a whatsapp message or telegram, a warning on our smartwatch.

Why not then rely, even for sales management, on an intelligent system that understands which information is important for us (depending on our role) and automatically sends it to the device we desire?

In this way, according to Pareto’s principle, a 20% investment in resources and time would provide an 80% of the result: constant control on what is happening and possibility of activating potential surveys and process corrective/improving actions in a timely manner.

For us, more than a product, it is a philosophy, a work mode that perfectly integrates with every sale solution, both for order collection and e-commerce B2B.

Imagine you have just activated a new e-commerce B2B: would you not like to know how it is doing?

Which is your customers’ shopping behaviour? On which day and at what time they usually shop?

Which is the relationship between valued and non-valued orders?

Our direct experience proves that few pieces of information, punctually received, can become decisive in sale performance improvement.