Computer Vision and Augmented Reality in Retail

Watching the world through a screen sometimes pays: vision systems or Computer Vision (CV) in combination with Augmented Reality (AR) are finding interesting application in retail environments.

Vision systems allow real-time interpretation of the image a smartphone or other devices (e.g. the palmtop used for store activity management) is framing, thanks to the possibility of recognizing a certain type of object, shape (e.g. a barcode or QR code) or text (the price on a label). This is true not just for one object at a time, like our brain could do, but simultaneously for tens of items inside our visual field.

Augmented Reality systems allow real-time overlapping of additional information, precious for the user’s activity, to the scene we are framing via smartphone or other devices.

Two applicative examples we are working on are:

  • in store management environment: more efficient management of store operations, thanks to the possibility of framing display racks and carrying out fast inventories or verifying price correspondence of a set of products with the one indicated on the shelves, by simply focusing it and letting our app work
  • in consumer environment: proposing final consumers captivating digital experiences, like for example controlling food composition or visualizing online reviews for a given product, by simply framing it

Source: Scandit