Sales Innovation to Guarantee Quality Coffee


Segafredo Zanetti & Aton together towards 4.0 sales solutions

The quality of a product like coffee, which we drink every day at a bar or at home, is the combination of various factors: from raw material control to coffee machine maintenance, from the type of water used to the training the person making the coffee has had.

To guarantee the management and constant monitoring of all these factors, Segafredo Zanetti – company belonging to the Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group and Espresso leader, present in more than 100 countries all over the world – has started an innovation itinerary in collaboration with Aton, company dealing with software solutions and services for multichannel sales.

“In our new sales and distribution organizational strategy, Sales reps play a central role: they are no longer just salespeople, but become repositories of a set of precious information”, affirms Alessandro Gaiba, Segafredo Zanetti IT Director“This is why we have chosen Aton as a partner, since it is a company which, thanks to its experience and the quality of its solutions, has enabled our Sales reps to be much more productive in customer relationship, and has made available to our business constantly updated reports on reference market.”

“We have profited from our experience side by side with the main names in the world of coffee to build, together with Segafredo Zanetti, a 4.0 multichannel sales solution, which goes beyond the traditional route accounting concept”, states 
Giovanni Bonamigo, Aton Marketing&Innovation Director. “The new solution allows not only managing orders and deliveries, but also collecting, elaborating and monitoring useful information for the profiling and mapping of customers operating in the Ho.Re.Ca. world (bars, restaurants and hotels…) and of private consumers and offices in the portioned-coffee sector (coffee pods or capsules).”

The whole project involves analysing Segafredo Zanetti’s specific exigencies, development and configuration of the whole sales software platform, selection and management of hardware devices and training on and delivery of the “Solution as a Service” formula to the various sales teams. The project has been defined within four months and implemented in roughly two months for over 300 Sales reps in the whole of Italy.

The new solution has been positively received by the sales force, who have immediately underlined the new device user-friendliness, which allows them to devote more time to manage customer relationship.

Aton has supported Segafredo Zanetti not only during the analysis and delivery phases, but, thanks to its own ServiceDesk team, it is the only reference interlocutor for any criticality which might block the operators’ daily work, when intent on onroad sales.