How to Profit from a New Sale: Experience: the Bindi Case

Food & Consumer Goods


The introduction of an application for order collection on new generation tablets allows Sales reps for Gruppo Bindi, high-quality pastry family industry for the Ho.Re.Ca sector, operating since 1946, to profit from a new sale experience, mainly customer-relationship oriented.

Thanks to the solution proposed by Aton, Bindi can in fact rely on a lighter device, always-connected on a user-friendly application, charactized by its usage simplicity and immediate Company content availability: from product catalogue to order management, taking advantage of every digital potentiality (images, video, greater information-sharing space) to guarantee a quality service to the Ho.Re.Ca market.

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Being able to collaborate with a technological partner that could provide ideas and experience, not simply implement requests received from us: this is the key element that pushed us to choose Aton as reference interlocutor for Sales Force Automation.

Paolo Barbara, Bindi Organization and Information Systems Director