Aton: The Supplier of the Lydia Voice Vocal Suite in Italy

Aton has been appointed Country Ambassador Partner for Lydia® Voice, vocal system for the world of logistics by the German company Topsystem Systemhaus, thus becoming their only supplier in Italy.

“Aton is our first partner in Italy, and we have indeed selected them for their vocation towards innovation and their proven experience in the retail environment” states Antonino Lanza, Business Development Director for South Europe, Topsystem Systemhaus. “Aton’s expertise has been certified by our partner program, therefore from now on this Company will represent us in the sales phase as well as in the implementation and service provision, as an added value”.

“We are thrilled to be the first to promote Lydia Voice innovative vocal technology in Italy” declares Gianluca Palmisano, Aton Sales Director, who adds: “We have got to know and appreciate this suite, which is efficient, reliable and easily integrated with the various enterprise logistics systems; but what has mainly struck us is the use of new technologies, like artificial intelligence. A gust of fresh wind for the vocal world and for this market in our country.”

The strong point of this vocally commanded assistance suite, useful in picking, ventilation and stock docking logistic processes, is the vocal identification software. Lydia Voice features in fact its own speaker-independent type voice recogniser, based on Artificial Intelligence, which allows new users to immediately utilise the system: vocal timber and linguistic inflexion profiling, as well as background noise sampling will be automatically done, allowing quick achievement of maximum vocal recognition performance, in industrial and commercial environments.

Below a video illustrating the voice picking solution: