Aton Obtains the Great Place To Work® Certification for the 2nd Consecutive Year

The attention to our AtonPeople as well as to quality and eccelence in our working environment has led us to enter – for the second year in a row – the selection for the best companies certified by Great Place to Work ®, international brand devoted to studying and analizing company organizational climate.

The Great Place to Work® Certification has been obtained thanks to the positive results of the assessment survey on our company climate, completed by 96% of our “AtonPeople”, and to the analysis of our Human Resouces management policy. The survey measures our collaborators’ confidence level in key areas such as relationship with the management and colleagues and pride of their own work, taking into consideration the aspects of cohesion, respect, equity, self-esteem and credibility.

“Also this year we have chosen to measure ourselves with national industry benchmarks in a growth process aiming at excellence in company responsibility and sustainability”, states Giorgio De Nardi, Aton Founder&CEO. “Our experience with Great Place To Work has provided us with many value inspiring cues on which to reflect to make our work environment increasingly attractive and competitive. The average data in Atonpeople’s opinions has been highly positive, consistent with last year’s. A 77% considers Aton an excellent workplace. Most probably there is room for improvement and this is precisely our opportunity to continue growing together as a team.”