The Source Experience Room: a journey in the company of RFID and NFT

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Ready to Metaverse to make our customers real influencers and give consumers a completely new sales experience.

The beginning of a journey to the metaverse

On 7 July, the experience room of The Source was inaugurated, opening the gate to a journey to Metaverso. 

Innovation, competence and determination are the three ingredients that have marked the success of this project, dedicated to the world of Fashion, realised by Aton, Mion and Mioo. 

It is Mion’s headquarters, immersed in all the shades of green perceptible to the human eye of the Euganean Hills, that was the host for the realisation of ‘The Source’ project set up by Aton. Also from this brilliant setting, using the latest technology, Mioo made it possible to realise the digital guise of our leader in the Metaverse. 


The successful collaboration with Mion and Mioo

Let’s start from the beginning: the creation of our journey ticket. 

Mion, a leader in the world of Luxury Fashion with the production of more than 230 million woven and paper labels per year, creates true hallmarks of authenticity and recognisability of a Brand. 

Mion’s vision of guaranteeing uniqueness and a purchase guarantee for the consumer is realised by equipping a garment, in addition to the woven and non-woven label, with an RFID chip and a QR code that can be activated as an NFT after purchase. 

Now that the ticket for our journey has been sealed to the boss, we have arrived at the boarding gate, ready to leave and go through all the stages that our precious item will have to pass through before reaching our customer’s wardrobe, or one of his corners of the Metaverse. 

At passport control, it is necessary to recognise and identify that that item is it, and only it. 

the-source-ontag-img.onTag Aton’s RFID solution

Aton with its .onTag solution is able to support Brands to make their items unique by creating a “digital twin” of them. Through RFID technology and the experience that Aton has gained over the years in integrating different systems with ever-changing requirements; the Brand will be able to monitor any movement of its merchandise, track it and have the guarantee that every activity side operations – from logistics to the boutique – is smooth, fast and with the possibility of error significantly reduced. 


Ours partners 

Having good companions during an adventure makes the experience even more unique, and so Aton too decided to rely on experienced and established partners in the fashion market to make this event memorable: 

  • Axon Micrelec contributed top-of-the-line PCs, totems, all-in-one POS, installed in both the logistics (goods receipt – shipping) and store area. 
  • Zebra realised the first installation in Italy open to the public of SmartLens, an integrated hardware and software solution that introduced the concept of continuos cycled inventory. 
  • Cegid unveiled the latest release of its software for the retail world with LiveStore, a multi-platform product, entirely in the Cloud, capable of guaranteeing a complete omni-channel experience for the consumer and the Brand. 


A journey through the product life cycle


The stages within the experience room are many, from inventory, to browsing data, to searching for garments with mobile devices with special readers, to the last long-awaited destination: the sale of the garment. 

The sale is the last physical stage that we will experience together and that our tagged items have registered on .onTag: now our digital twin is ready for its new journey. 




Sit comfortably: our spaceship is ready to depart for the Metaverse! 

The purchased garment with a Non-Fungible-Token made you the unique and certified owner of your purchase. 

Mioo gives life to a creative, innovative and digital laboratory, through special Oculus visors it is possible to enjoy an immersive narrative experience, entirely realised in CGI (Computer Generated Imagery), which transports one into what will be the digital future of products. 

Ensuring that the brand is ‘Ready to Metaverse‘ is the goal we have set ourselves to make our customers real influencers and to be able to give their consumers a new, digital and, above all, already realisable sales experience.  

Have you packed your bags? The Source is waiting for you for the most real and most digital journey you have ever taken. 

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