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Digital or non- digital,
that is the dilemma

Lately, new technologies lead us to renew our technological equipment with software, possibly in the cloud, augmented reality, robots, automated warehouses, etc. But what if, before welcoming the future, we had to rethink the basics? 

Master Data Management: the basis of business processes

Incorrect data management can lead to huge economic losses. Data is the basis of our business processes, yet it is often mistreated, thrown around on different systems, manipulated by those who should not be doing so, and wrongly brought to the final consumer. It is essential to focus on the importance of collecting all the information on our products in a single tool to avoid decreasing the margin on sales, incorrect pricing, coding the same product hundreds of times and risking losing control of the different sales channels. 

It is important to harmonise the collaborative workflow among the various departments within the organisation: 

  • completing missing information 
  • giving visibility of the progress of a given process 
  • handling necessary approvals 

Undoubtedly, tools have emerged over the years that have facilitated this management, such as PIM and DAM software. 

We want to go further: we want to make sure that companies can have living, dynamic product data – and why not, add to it to give more information to end customers – but also the ability to put it alongside their own business rules. 

To accomplish this purpose, we intend to provide buyers, logisticians, and the business office with a simple and intuitive tool that leaves everyone their own space and the necessary information to consult and edit. 

Why move towards multichannel?

Having full control over data and operations is a very valuable competitive advantage. Managing multichannel enables: 

  • Check prices of suppliers and Ce.di, sales prices on e-commerce, for direct, affiliate and Cash&Carry stores 
  • Identify the size of products to optimize the warehouse 
  • have a clear view of price lists to transmit to stores 
  • save precious seconds during picking operations 

These are some of the reasons why Aton relies on a Master Data Management solution. One place to collect data, transmit it to all systems, achieving precise management of all sales channels and a drastic reduction in errors and wasted time. 

Product Information Management or Master Data Management?

The MDM is a much more complex system, and we are convinced that it fully reflects the needs of large-scale retailers. Its work area is divided into tabs, in which one enters not only all the indispensable information about a product (ingredients, origin, weight, allergens, etc.), but also the actors who are involved (typically suppliers), assortments and price lists for sales channels (e-commerce, direct and affiliated stores, Cash&Carry), product dimensions, thus harmonizing the data that are automatically transmitted to all systems (ERP, WMS, Back-Office, e-commerce). 

Our goal is to work alongside the systems currently in use and put in a top layer that integrates with them, so that there is no information to update in two different parts, and that communicates with all systems for timely updating of all information. 

This is not just product management, because we combine it with:

  • merchandise management,
  • warehouse management,
  • transportation optimization,
  • management of direct and affiliated stores,
  • mapping of those who collaborate with our entities, and the ability to have them enter the required information directly. 
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