How to meet the needs of the LPG market?


Every morning Roberto wakes up in the warmth of his room. Within minutes of waking up, his mind wanders to the day’s tasks: breakfast, his children’s school, work… 

Roberto lives in one of Italy’s 1,300 municipalities that are not yet connected to the natural gas network. His daily life could be threatened by something as simple as it is unpleasant: his LPG tank in the garden running out. In the meantime, Lucia, the LPG supplier’s customer service representative, monitors Roberto’s consumption trends on a daily basis, as well as those of all other customers. 

Marco, a colleague of Lucia’s, deals with new customers and interfaces with the sales force to organise the work of the installers. Just today, a new customer is scheduled to install a complete system: tank, level device and meter. The installation takes place and Lucia is immediately able to check the outcome: the installer has registered and assigned the telemetry devices to the new system and can himself check that it is working properly before closing the job. This new customer is now also in Lucia’s capable hands, and she will never let him go a day without gas. 

A story with a happy ending that has to meet a number of needs in order to come true: 

  • verify, in real time, the gas levels in the tanks 
  • draw up a plan for periodic replenishments 
  • organising deliveries efficiently 
  • manage any faults in the system 
  • having a dedicated support service available 

How can users’ consumption data always be kept under control? How to manage any anomalies promptly and remotely? How to optimise distribution? 

If you want to find out how an LPG company can meet these needs, read the rest of Roberto and Lucia’s story! 

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