The B2B E-Commerce Devoted to Cash&Carry

A store open round the clock, 7 days a week, accessible anywhere and from any device (smartphone, tablet, PC, smartwatch, etc…), allowing the cash&carry world to establish a non-stop dialogue with its customers: these are some of the potentialities of an e-commerce service planned to satisfy the exigencies of the Ho.Re.Ca. channel operators who acquire their products not only from wholesalers, but also directly at cash&carry stores.

And precisely to combine the advantages of on-line and traditional-in-store shopping, a B2B e-commerce solution has been designed, providing not only the possibility of directly receiving orders at our premises, but also collecting products from our reference store, by choosing from the assortment present in that point of sale and maintaining customized purchase conditions.

But the advantages do not finish here: the barkeeper or restaurant owner who need to place recurring orders and sometimes manage unplanned supply emergencies, can in fact access, any time and from tablet or smartphone, their order detail to proceed with a fast reordering, consult current promotions and have at their disposal a number of precious information such as existing orders, already processed or in elaboration, invoices, payments and other useful documents.

Thanks to the integration between B2B e-commerce and the retail management app, the stores in the cash&carry world, like C+C of Gruppo Unicomm, have at their disposal a complete solution to manage store operations, allowing operators to perform activities such as collection of online-ordered products directly from mobile devices and in front of the goods racks, all of it according to Click&Collect logics.